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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This entry from 1st October 2006 is rehashed from my old blog.
I think this is still quite apt as these songs ARE still annoying.
Perhaps I should do one about local songs; Pete Teo be warned !
Read on:


Everyone has this, songs that make you cringe. Songs that sends chills down your spine. Songs that you hate so much you can't help singing along to them in your head then kicking yourself as you realise it.

You would have your own list too , Im sure!

Here is mine ( so far ) with the worse lyrics highlighted:

The video is ok but only if you play it with the sound muted.
Low Point: "hey Baby, hey baby, hey!" repeat a gajillion times !

How things have changed, now MJ is white, the greatest golfer in the world is black and the greatest rapper is white.
When MJ was still black, this duet still makes me want to pour clorox down my throat.
Low Point:"Paul, I think I told you, I'm a lover not a fighter."

She is hot but when she tries to write..er..scientific lyrics, she gets it all wrong. I suggest she spends a dirty weekend with Stephen Hawking.
Low Point: "It's centrifugal motion/It's perpetual bliss/it's that pivotal moment/Its (ah) impossible/ This kiss, this kiss-unstoppable".....Pukable !

Bahamas, nice beach, shame about the music.
Low Point: "Get back, Ruffy/Bye Scruffy/Get back you flea-infested mongrel." ...Nice! makes me laugh !

Oh Bruce, how can you let a good song be tainted by Cuba Gooding jr and dialogue from a chick-flick. What are the boys in Philly thinking of you now. You sold out !
Low Point: Cuba "You've got to be fair to her! She loves you. If you dont love her, you have to tell her."..Aw man, pass the barf bags !

This song made them. The lyrics were probably written after a brainstorming session between Posh and Scary after a heavy night out at The Met Bar.
Low Point: " I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ah"....yes, I'm sure you do.

Another hottie and actually this song is not so bad except when she starts yelling about bananas and shows off her ability to spell the yellow fruit.Most people think she says" Eat bananas" but go check out the lyrics on the sleeve..
Low Point: "This shit is bananas ..B-A-N-A-N-A-S".......one word C-R-A-P !

Beelzelbub's gift to the music industry. With his squeaky clean i-only-wear-dockers image, his music is as forgetful as..er..i forgot.
Low Point: "One thing I've left to do/Discover me/Discovering you."...Quick get that man a subscription to the Discovery Channel.

This song was played so much in the 80's on radio. It was a favourite with young'uns with their souped-up subarus, permed hair, carrot cut pants and permed hair (Come on, you know who you are !)
Low Point: "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh/Jungle life/I'm far away from nowhere/On my own like Tarzan Boy.".....kill me now !

The cringest of all groups in the 80's. You couldn't tell one song from the other. I rather listen to the melodic sounds of fingernails being dragged over a blackboard.
Low Point:"Atlantis is calling,s. o. s. for love/Atlantis is calling, from the stars above/Atlantis is calling,s. o. s. for love."....Since Atlantis is calling, please leave now !

This Scandinavian duo had so many songs which basically served no purpose. They must have written their songs in their own dialect then translated them to English.
Low Point: "She has a train going downtown/She's got a club on the moon /And she's telling all her secrets/In a wonderful ballon/Oh she's the heart of the funfair /She's got me whistling her private tune".......Huh? What were they smoking when they wrote this ?

The Titanic killed about 1,500 people. This song hasn't yet but give it time. A favourite with all Filipino bands in all lounges.
Low Point" " My heart will go on and on" ...and on and on and on and on and on..

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Monday, February 22, 2010


Braving 1 degree celcius temperatures, we took the stadium tour.
You can really see how vast the stadium is when it is empty.

Next on the list would be to watch a game here !

The Pix:
"Motherrrrrr...I'm hommmmmme.."

"The TREBLE from the fantastic 1999 season."

"Our stadium tour guide..couldnt remember his name..Stuart? Eric? Fred ? Agustus ? Shookry ?."


"The dressing room..with the tactical boards. The most asked question here according to the guide is: ..Where was Beckham sitting during the famous Ferguson hair-dryer/boot incident?."

"Johnny and Kim-Chi's jerseys.."

"The away team..Thanks again to Fav.No.7 @ Zetty for arranging this. Click this for her take on being a Gooner visiting the enemy !."

"The home team."

"As Arnie said...'ah'll beee barck'."

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Thank you to Fav.No.7 who arranged this visit to Old Trafford the day before the game at Emirates between Arsenal and Man U.
Am sure it wasn't a fun trip for her but she made up for it by buying stuff at the Mega-Store for her sister's upcoming baby !

The Pix:
"Old Trafford..it was like the Mothership calling me home."

"The Trinity: Law, Best, Charlton....and..er..some Sarawakian dude."

"The BEST reason why I started supporting United back in '74."

The Trophy Room !"

"Jerseys from the United era..note Veron's and ooohhh-ahhh Cantona's jerseys."

"Peter Schmeichel..easily the best keeper United has ever had."

"Martin Buchan..Man U and Scotland captain of the mid-70's. and early 80's"

"Bryan Robson, arguably the best captain for Man U."

"In my book..the best captain for Man U..Roy Keane !"

"Waiting to see Sir Alex.."

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Date:31st January 2010
Where: Emirates Stadium, London

This was our first visit to the Emirates Stadium and what better way for a first visit than to have your team play Arsenal and menang !

It was also Fav.No.7's first visit to the stadium to see a match.

The stadium is freakin' impressive and the merchandise store called "The Armoury" is smaller than Man U's Mega-Store at Old Trafford but certainly had better stuff, like jeans, dress shirts etc.

Nervous feelings all around especially when you are surrounded by Gooners.

So braving the freezing one degree celcius temperatures, it was the Red Devils that turned on the heat and I was pretty subdued (being surrounded by Gooners) when Man U scored the first goal but when Rooney netted the 2nd I was up and celebrating. An Arsenal steward quickly came to stand near me just in case I got things thrown at me.

Anyway, towards the end the Man U fans were singing "Are you City in disguise...?"

Thank you to Chun Wai and Teow for making this trip a reality.

Arsenal 1 Man U 3 !!

The pix:
"Have tickets !!"

"With Fav.No.7 outside the Stadium."

"Our box."

"Fav.No.7 and Chun Wai. Gooners thru and true"

"Fav.No.7 with Arsenal 70's legend Sammy Nelson who dropped by our box to say..er..'Hi'..!"

"The Man U boys warming-up."

"Chun Wai and I before the kick-off. His smile about to disappear. Hyuk !"

"Just before the kick-off."

"3 Man U supporters here amongst the Gooners, Tan Sri Munir Majid, the dude on his right and me !"

"Victory !!!"

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