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Monday, September 19, 2011


The Porsche museum in Stuttgart stands on a conspicuous junction just outside Porsche Headquarters in Zuffenhausen.
The exhibition area covers 5600 square meters featuring around 80 exhibits, many rare cars and a variety of historical models.

You are free to choose whether to start chronologically with the company history before 1948, or to head directly into the main area of the exhibition, which contains a chronological history of Porsche products and thematic islands.
Both areas are interlinked by the “Porsche Idea” section, which forms the highlight of the exhibition.

Even if you are not exactly a Porsche fan like me, you will find it interesting.

For the official website click this.

The Pix:
"Have GPS....will travel"

"The garage which is not usually opened for visitors."

"Austro-Daimler ADS R-Sascha"

"Porsche Typ360 CI-Sitalia....or something to that effect."

"Porsche Studie Panamericana.....never did see mass production"

"The Panamericana tyres even has the Porsche logo as its thread !"

"Been chased by this cop car..you would slow down to have a look at it..then the cops would nab you faster then you can say .."We won the war...."

"The Trophy Room !"

"911 GT3"

"..And we thought Porsche only made cars.."

"And leaving the Porsche Museum ..... it was onwards to the Mercedes-Benz Museum !!!'

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