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Monday, June 27, 2011


Despite not being a very big BMW fan, the visit was quite enjoyable.

The BMW Museum showcases the history BMW its brand and its products in an innovative and fascinating presentation format. Displayed over 5,000 square metres of exhibition space are around 125 of the brand’s most precious and appealing cars, motorcycles and engines.

The BMW Museum was opened in 1973 as one of the first brand museums.

What was also impressive is the very-hands on manner the sales staff treat you when you collect your car. Its a whole production in itself !

For more info on the place click this.

The pix:
"BMW Museum."

"BMW World."

"The incredible kinetic sculpture that changes its shape to form BMW models. 714 metallic orbs that float is the first thing you will see when you enter the museum."

"The FIRST BMW motorbike."

"The awesome motorbike displays."

"The BMW R1200."

"1938 - BMW 327/28."

"1955 BMW Isetta...a strange car which looks like something out of a Noddy cartoon !"

"1956 - BMW 507."

"1939 - BMW 328."

"1999 - BMW Z9 G7 ; never made it to the market."

The inside...impressive."

"1937 BMW WR500..set the land speed record back in the day."

"The legendary BMW M1 from 1972."

"The evolution of the 7 series."

"Logos and classes through the ages....nice display!"

"Part of the museum featured cars painted pop-art style by renowned artists."

"A special message form the people at BMW...!!"

"And with that we are done with the BMW Museum..next stop Stuttgart and Porshe !!"

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


About an hour away from Munich is the Audi Museum, HQ and showroom in Ingolstadt.
It was not so crowded despite it being a Saturday so moving around was relatively easy.
As usual as almost everywhere in Germany, everything is well organised.

Worth going? Yes and the trip speeding down the Autobahn is part of the fun.

The pix:

"1939 Horch CH-855 Special Roadster. Only 7 Units were made so u can imagine how much this is worth...no wonder it is in a glass enclosure."

"1939 Auto Union Typ C/D."

"1937 Auto Union Typ C. This baby has 6000cc beneath its hodd ....not bad for 1937 !!"

"Audi also did bikes !"

"1938 Wanderer W25K Roadster."

"1953 Horch 830BL ; Traced by Audi in 2008 to an American car enthusiast in Texas who kept this car for 40 years in the desert."

"1989 Quattro 90 IMSA-GTO."

""Winning car from LeMans 2002."

"Look what I found in the back seat of one of the Audi cars on display ! Bert and Ernie !!"

"The R8 5.2 Quattro...must cost a bomb in Malaysia."

"From the back.."

"The inside..."

"Leaving Ingolstadt...next stop BMW World & Museum!"

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It is surely the most famous castle in the world — and, like its builder, one of the most misunderstood.
King Ludwig II built this as an ode to his friend; the composer Robert Wagner.

With some of the structure still not totally complete, Ludwig moved into Neuschwanstein’s finished rooms for the first time in 1884. The king spent eleven nights in his dream castle from 27 May to 8 June.

Unfortunately both never got to see its full completion and it is left as is to this day.

Highly eccentric, Ludwig had a strange fascination for swans and is also known as "The Swan King."

The enigma of Ludwig’s death by drowning in Lake Starnberg, south of Munich remains a mystery. Did he commit suicide or was he “helped”? Ludwig died under mysterious circumstances just three days after being declared legally insane and he died with his psychiatrist.

Whatever it is the Neuschwanstein castle inspired Walt Disney to use part of its design for the Magical Kingdom and lives on to this day.

Here are the pictures but unfortunately no one is allowed to take pictures inside the castle.

If you want to see pictures INSIDE the castle you would have to go to wikipedia by clicking this.

"King Ludwig II...mad as a hatter ?"

"Can you see the inspiration for Disneyland's castle ?"

"Me...also mad as a hatter."

"The view from the balcony."

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Friday, June 3, 2011


So when was the last time you went to watch your state play a footie match ? Never you say??....Shame on you! Back in the 80's and 90's when the war cry was "Ngap Sayot" made popular by flamboyant coach Awang Mahyan, we used to go and see Sarawak play almost every home game....strangely those days we would lose to the likes of Selangor in Shah Alam 7-1 and yet whip their tails 3-0 in Kuching.
Then came Alan Vest who led Sarawak to our first league title.

Since then Sarawak fell on hard times..relegated, financial woes etc.

However in May this year I heard that we had a good chance to be promoted to the Super league so I decided to go to the Stadium since I was in Kuching...We were to play the Police (the men in blue not the band led by Sting).

We won 3-0 but I was totally not convinced..we struggled and we didnt seem to have players in the mould of Roslan Ismail, Dahlan Matusin, Ibrahim Mentali, Mohd Ali Shafiee, Zapri Manai and even Affendi Julaihi !
We seem to lack a solid playmaker and the defence looked a bit timid...other than Asri Chuchu (Serious!!.. that is his name!..Cool or what !) and Bobby Gonzalez (No he is not a Mexican import) no one looked capable of taking on the likes of Selangor or Kelantan.

Well, I suppose promotion is the first step but I hope it will not be a speedy relegation next season.

The pix:
"The match is played at the old state stadium"

"Sarawak in red."

"See! ..I told u I be here."

'Even Rooney Jr and Nani Jr were not impressed."

"I actually got a shot of the first goal by some amazing fluke."

"After the first goal, the 2nd and 3rd came quickly."

"One thing you can always say about the Sarawak fans..they are colourful !."

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