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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Done and dusted.
The winners are known, China for the men's and underdogs South Korea for the women's Uber Cup.
But let's take a look at our Malaysian men's team.

Lee Chong Wei, while being the world's No.1 proved that he is just a pretender to the throne after being totally outclassed by Lin Dan who beat him EASILY in straight sets in the semis.
In the final Indonesia's Taufik Hidayat said that Lin Dan was not even from the same planet as the rest of the men's single's players.
So why isnt Lin Dan No.1 ?
Well, unlike Chong Wei who plays in numerous BWF tournaments to keep his ranking , Lin Dan is only interested in playing those that he thinks he should.
"Our No.1, down and out."

Also; note to Astro Arena's Shauki Kahar (who is an ex colleague from TV3 and I know him well); after beating Chong Wei , Lin Dan took off his shirt and Shauki said he should not be allowed to do so like in football.
I totally disagree, first there is no rule to say that he can't and second; Lin Dan had just soundly beaten the World's No.1 in front of the home fans...Isn't that cause for celebration ?

Our No.1 doubles team also didnt fare any better losing to China's No.1 pair .
Who do we blame this loss on ? Experience ? Cant be....
Also we had home support.
We were just not good enough, plain and simple.

Farizizuan ; one half of our 2nd doubles pair was a disgrace and the less said about his attitude after the loss to Japan the better. If you cant lose gracefully then dont play the game.

Poor Wong Choon Han, he has been a tremendous servant to Malaysian badminton but he looked out-of-sorts in all his matches.

As for Hafiz Hashim, brilliant one day and playing like Albert Kho the next. You never know which Hafiz is going to show up,

Why are we putting Choon Han and Hafiz in the team ?
Do we not have anyone else ?
Look at China and Indonesia, they have come up with young and determined players while we are still banking on players that have passed their prime.

Perhaps also we should look to China for our Singles players. Enough of the likes of Misbun and Rashid as they have taken our boys as far as they can. We need to up another level.

However kudos to the Malaysian fans who cheered a lost cause. They were brilliant all the way.

How long will it take before we win the Thomas Cup again ?
I still remember that sweltering night at Stadium Negara in 1992 where the nation regardless of colour, race , creed or political affilations came together as one...yes I was there.

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