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Thursday, October 28, 2010


I had the privilege to visit the World Expo in Shanghai, China last week.
Shanghai is an amazing city, imagine the whole of the 22 million Malaysian population living in one city!!
But despite the numbers they are super efficient in moving the masses.

The World Expo expects over 70 million people over six months and the day before we arrived in Shanghai was their biggest day; they had 1.1. million visitors ...so good thing we didnt visit that day !! On the first day we were there they had 600,000 and the 2nd day 700,000.
There were queues that were 5 hours long at some pavillions...amazing!!.. And I am blown away by their patience!!
I would have left after a 15 minute wait.

Anyway the World Expo has a theme 'Better City, Better Life" and unfortunately it was hard to see how our much-critisized and much-defended Malaysia Pavillion stuck to that theme.
However I will talk about the Malaysia Pavillion in a separate entry here.

Click here for the Expo's webpage.

We managed to visit about 16 pavillions in 2 days.

The pix:
"This is what the fuss is all about."

"First stop:New Zealand."

"Standing next to a Maori pole since there wasnt a sheep or an All-Black in sight..not even Douglas Flash Sumner!."

"On to Oz !!."

"Australian history depicted in a way even I can understand.."

"Sydney Opera house etc..."

"The Ozzie merchandise and tucker area...not sure if they had kangeroo meat burgers.."

"The UAE Pavillion."

"The impactful video which basically reminded us that to move forward in the future we must remember the past."

"They used a lot of high-tech AV and even had a message by the 12 year old grandaughter of HRH Sultan Al-Nahyan who speaks fluent Mandarin !!"

"Blueballs in the UAE."

"Our friendly neighbours, Thailand !"

"Thai dancers at the entrance of the pavillion."

"An amazing 4-d audio visiual on Thailand complete with smells and interaction."

"Next stop: Saudi Arabia."

"Apparently the Saudi's had the most expensive Pavillion rumoured to cost rm1 Billion ringgit"

"You do not have to walk through the pavillion as a travelator takes you through as if you are on a flying carpet with high tech audio-visuals surrounding you."

"Images like these flash by you.."

"You also 'fly' above the Holy City of Mecca."

"The view from the top of the Saudi pavillion..that building that looks like a space ship from the movie 'Independence Day' is the convention centre."

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


40,000 fans thronged the Shah Alam Stadium to watch what has become more than just a football match. In a family-carnival type atmosphere, the fans were taken back to the 70's, 80's and 90's where football was king among the Malaysia Cup faithful.

This year marked a sad occasion where Dollah Kassim the 'gelek-king" of Spore football passed away almost a year to the day he had a heart attack while representing Spore during The Sultan of Selangor's Cup held in Spore last year. A minute's silence was observed before the veteran's match which Selangor won 1-0 thanks to Sharin Majid.

There have been many comments regarding the main game; as to why the match was held one day after the 2nd leg quarter-final in Kota Bharu where Selangor crashed out 0-3 to Kelantan.
The date of 16th October was agreed on by Selangor and Singapore many months ago before the Malaysia Cup draw and due to the hectic schedule of both sides and despite the match being sanctioned by FAM, they still scheduled Selangor's QF match a day before. Why ? I have no idea.

But it was ok, as HRH Sultan Selangor said the main priority of this match was for the enjoyment of the fans and the result is immaterial, though it would have been nice if Selangor won.
Final score was Spore 6 Selangor 0.

The pix:
href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Mdxoz3YO6oM/TMakbTE-D7I/AAAAAAAACz4/gVYzgjM7OvA/s1600/P1040262.JPG">"The Shah Alam Stadium all set for the Sultan for Selangor Cup"

The Royal box..all set."

"Friends at the game..all set !"

"HRH Sultan Selangor being introduced to the Singapore Veterans by Singapore legend Samad Allipitchay."

"Selangor legend Soh Chin Aun's turn..."

"Veteran's friendship evident by the photo."

"Vets in action."

"The Victorious Selangor vets."

"With Datuk Soh Chin Aun."

"With Selangor's 80's-90's keeper Yap Kam Choon."

"The MAIN game teams match out."

"The Singapore team"


"These 2 hardcore Arsenal fans checking the score of the Arsenal game while watching the game. "

"Santokh Singh with the Veteran's Cup."

"Alexander Duric with The Sultan of Selangor's Cup."

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